6 Wheeler Ute Conversions

We’ve been building Six Wheel, Extra and Lazy Axle Conversions, incorporating our innovative Air Suspension Design, for many years.  This conversion suits most 4WD's and light commercial utes.

We are confident that you will be impressed by the improvement in ride comfort, the excellent axle articulation and the fact that, this conversion will double your payload, in most cases.

Our 6 Wheel conversions significantly Increase the carrying capacity for limited access vehicles where height needs to be considered, for example, loading docks and shopping centres.

With the “flick of a switch” the air springs can be adjusted to suit any load.
No more noisy leaf springs rattling over bumps and that harsh ride is now replaced by a smooth, comfortable one, even when your vehicle is un-laden.

All of our 6 Wheel conversions are Engineer Inspected & certified.

Luxury Car Tax Exemption - 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Specialised Vehicles Pty Ltd are now able to facilitate a Luxury Car Tax Exemption Program on approved vehicles. The core vehicle this program applies to is the 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

By converting the 200 Series' 'principal purpose' to a load carrying vehicle, you can gain significant cost savings by applying for this exemption.

If you are interested in gaining an exemption from paying Luxury Car Tax, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Specialised Vehicles so that we can advise you on the correct procedure.

More Advantages of a 6 Wheel Conversion

  • Substantial increase in GVM.
  • Heavy duty disc brakes allow fast, efficient braking, wet or dry.
  • Chassis strengthening to cope with GVM increase.
  • Axle articulation up to 300mm or more.
  • Load Share System improves stability when carrying and towing.
  • Larger tray size to carry more without upgrading to a truck.
  • Excellent for towing heavy trailers, horse floats, slide-on campers & 5th wheelers.
  • Minimal service required.
  • Dual cabin control available for stabilising uneven loads.
  • Extra air outlet can be fitted for inflating tyres, air beds, etc.

Excellent exposure for your business - these vehicles will turn heads.

Hilux 6 Wheel