Cabin/Ute Conversions

Dual Cab - Extra Cab - Single Cab + 300mm Ute Conversions

Traditional sedan vehicles can be altered by a cabin or ute conversion in either dual, extra or single cabin dimensions. Vehicle is altered to gain a "Factory Like" look with radius style corners.

The positioning of the rear panel is determined by the rear seat. Allowance can be made for larger drivers or passengers by moving rear seats backwards.

Wheel arch areas can be in-filled using the space for lockable rope boxes or the rear doors can be squared off to resemble a factory Dual Cab Ute. Before trimming, the vehicle is painted and rust-proofed. All painted areas are finished in 2 Pack paint to meet Manufacturer's recommendations and colour codes.  An atomiser spray is used for final rust-proofing.

The rear panel is then trimmed with high density marine carpet to reduce road noise. Original parts are used, where possible, to achieve a factory like finish for your cabin/ute conversion. Attention to detail is important to us so your ute conversion will look like a factory model when complete. We offer a range of trays to suit your budget and needs, or we can work with a tray you provide.

Other necessary additions like rear child restraint fittings, heated rear screen, weather sealing are addressed before customer takes delivery.

With regards to Single Cab Ute Conversions, we allow another 300mm behind the driver's seat for more range of movement of the seats and a little extra storage behind.

Luxury Car Tax Exemption - 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Specialised Vehicles Pty Ltd are now able to facilitate a Luxury Car Tax Exemption Program on approved vehicles. The core vehicle this program applies to is the 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

By converting the 200 Series' 'principal purpose' to a load carrying vehicle, you can gain significant cost savings by applying for this exemption.

If you are interested in gaining an exemption from paying Luxury Car Tax, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Specialised Vehicles so that we can advise you on the correct procedure.

If you are interested in the "nitty-gritty" of cabin conversion, here is a short video that shows how we 'cut up' a vehicle for conversion.