Chassis Extensions and Repairs

Extending the chassis and moving the drive axle back has a number of positive effects on most light commercial and 4x4 vehicles. A chassis extension can positively affect your ride quality as well as open up further options for your vehicle's carrying capacities.

From factory numerous 4x4 and light commercials have the drive axle positioned forward of the tray centre, so loading the rear of the tray unloads weight from the front axle in a counter-balance.

Sometimes as little as 300mm extension in the wheel base gives positive changes to the vehicle's load carrying and ride quality.

Our chassis extensions are carried out on our body/chassis jigging and measuring equipment to retain manufacturer's and factory accuracy.

When we extend a chassis we, in most cases, stiffen and brace them as well in order to cope with longer tray lengths and increasing the GVM.

A plan is calculated and designed beforehand to comply with the Australian Design Rules and Engineer's requirements.

CHASSIS REPAIRS - Broken, Cracked or Bent Chassis

Broken, bent or cracked chassis are a very common complaint and we have extensive experience in repairing, strengthening and aligning broken, cracked or bent chassis structures. All of our chassis repairs are measured, aligned and reinforced accurately by using a Jig System to the Manufacturer's Specifications.