GVM Increase & Tow Upgrades

Working in conjunction with NSWRMS Engineers we formulate a “Job Plan” to make your carrying and/or towing legal.

Depending on the vehicle and its construction, we can usually increase average GVM by approximately 300-500kg.

A GVM Increase Upgrade can be the answer when wanting to achieve legal carrying capacity of heavy loads such as a Slide-On Camper or landscaping supplies, for example.

Areas targeted are:

1. Wheels & Tyres

Rim strength
Tyre ratings
Case construction

2. Suspension

Springs, front & rear
Shock absorbers
Suspension travel
Wheel alignment & tracking
Steering stability

3. Chassis/Mechanical Component Strength

Suspension parts, front & rear
Diff & axle assembly and axle codes
Chassis bracing where necessary

4. Laser Tracking Check Front & rear


The GVM Increase Upgrade is available to vehicles with NSW Registration, only, due to the variation in regulations amongst State Authorities, at this time.

Tow Upgrades are also available. Please call us to discuss your requirements.